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Volunteer Opportunities

Translator & Interpreter

In the event of disasters, YOU play a vital role in helping community leaders reach all the members of their community in their primary languages. In the event of disasters, community leaders share vital and life-saving information with their community.

Local Ambassador

As an ambassador for Words in Time, your pivotal role is to build mutual relationships with community leaders in your city/community and discover the needs of your community. In the event of a disaster or emergency, those leaders will know of Words in Time and our services to help your community.

Social Media Ambassador

Do you love social media? Are you on FaceBook or Twitter? Everyone can fill this role! Share our messages on your pages. Click here to get started now!

Response Support

Every response needs leadership and support. These support opportunities include operations, logistics, planning, finance, and much more. We also partner with Crisis Cleanup to assist with assigning disaster aid.

Regional Administrator

Words in Time is organized by FEMA Regions for volunteer activities and response planning. As a Regional Administrator, you would be responsible for volunteer recruitment and engagement in your region.

CPR Instructor

Are you an instructor with American Red Cross or American Heart Association? Join us and help provide these wonderful life-saving classes to community members in non-English languages or serve as an interpreter during the class.

We have volunteer opportunities for just about everyone. The majority of the volunteer opportunities are disaster-related and are therefore spontaneous. We also have several opportunities for remote (from home) service on your own schedule.

All volunteers must complete a background check.

Leadership Opportunities

As we establish a strong foundation and grow, we have several executive leadership and leadership support opportunities for skilled professionals. At this time, these opportunities are remote, volunteer-based, and pro re nata. Commitment is approximately 5 hours per week.

All volunteers must complete a background check.

Donor Relations Manager

Develop a donor campaign program. Oversee fundraising and grant opportunities.

Response Manager

Oversees all disaster response activity by our voluteers. You would coordinate translations requested and turnaround times, ensuring our volunteers have everything they need.

Community Outreach Manager

Work with local community leaders and community service organizations to establish mutually beneficial relationships for disaster preparedness and disaster response. Schedule CPR classes in local communities.

Graphic Designer

Design our visual story.

Social Media Manager

Develop our social media strategy, presence, and design our messages for social media to various audiences, including clients, volunteers, and donors.

Grant Writer

Develop and draft our grant applications, letters of interest, impact statements addressing our two programs. Coordinate with our fundraising volunteers to build a strategy and draft impactful messages for our donation campaigns.