About Us

Propelled to help individuals impacted by disasters, Words in Time was founded in 2020 by experienced disaster responders and missionaries. We continued to develop the focus of our mission as we worked with community leaders and community service organizations near our founding area of Kansas City.

We remain focused on serving through disaster response, and we recently established a robust education program to include disaster preparedness education.

Our strong relationships with local communities, loyal supporters, and dedicated volunteers make our organization a success.

man in white button up shirt smiling
man in white button up shirt smiling

Our Mission

Our Mission is Saving Lives: Right Words, Right Time, Right Language.

We strive to ensure that all individuals impacted by disasters are able to receive life-saving messages and information in a timely and efficient manner from community leaders.

Promoting Preparedness through Education

We offer First Aid, CPR, AED classes in all languages needed by the community and its residents.

Building Community Sustainability

Providing Translation & Interpretation Services

We work with community leaders and community organizations to aid in their strength and ability to serve every resident, regardless of langauge.

We provide rapid translation and live interpretation during disasters to ensure all vital information is shared quickly.

cpr education
cpr education

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How do we work?

Shaped by decades of experience within Haiti's communities and with its educators, we affect change by bringing together real-world solutions, policy expertise, sustainable financing and collaborative partnerships.

Community Education

By nurturing relationships with community leaders and community service organizations, we are dedicated to offering live-saving education classes, including First Aid, CPR, and AED education and skills training. Course formats align with Red Cross or American Heart Association. Our manikins offer real-time advanced visual feedback for improved skills development.

Translation & Interpretation Services

Rapid translation and interpretation is vital to reach every individual in communities during disasters. We provide some ready-translated messages community leaders and service organizations may use to aid their residents.

We deploy volunteers to disaster areas to work with community leaders and provide real-time interpretation of media messages, news releases, social media messages.

Our volunteers also deploy with partner nonprofit organizations, such as Red Cross, Children's Disaster Services, Samaritan's Purse, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to aid in real-time interpretation in the field one-on-one with individuals.

Partnering with Local Communities

To make a lasting impact, we know that we must actively engage and include the communities we are seeking to help. We are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, ethical partner.

Our goal is to help local communities build self-sustainability and be well-prepared for emergencies and disasters with focus on bridging language gaps and barriers.

Our Challenge

Approximately 60 languages are spoken in the United States, other than English.

Below is a snapshot of the language barriers in the United States

21.5% of US Population speak a language other than English at home & do not speak English

66 million individuals speak a language other than English